System Policy

Integrated approach

Pioneering and innovative, quality-oriented
The company takes development and innovation as the basic purpose, closely follows and leads the high-end complex chip packaging technology, and constantly develops new products, new materials, new structures and new technologies in the frontier field on the basis of the combination of production, education and research. At the same time, pay close attention to quality, all staff to design, production of high-quality products as the fundamental starting point to do their own work, actively make contributions to the company.
Full participation and compliance with the law
The company through full staff training, constantly improve the staff's awareness of environmental protection and safety, to the company's related parties to publicize the company's QEHS policy, so that the QEHS system from written plan to an effective operation process. The company's QEHS management activities consciously abide by the national quality, environmental protection and safety related laws and regulations and the company decided to fulfill other requirements, adhere to the protection of the environment, through the implementation of environmental protection and safety responsibility system, to ensure the health and safety of employees, to ensure the continuous and effective operation of QEHS system management.
Prevention is the first to prevent accidents
Adhere to the principle of "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment" in production, eliminate hidden dangers of quality, environment and safety, and eliminate related accidents.
Continuous improvement, customer satisfaction
Employees of the company should continuously learn new management knowledge and new skills, so that the quality, environment, and safety management system can be continuously improved in accordance with the PDCA (planning, implementation, inspection, review) process, and the basic concepts of process methods and risk prevention and control should be maintained to achieve sustainability. Develop and improve customer satisfaction and environmental and safety management performance.

Quality Management System-Quality Control Process

  • - Products based on customer needs
  • - Smooth and efficient mass production
  • - No material related issues
  • - Sound process control
  • - Sound change control process
  • - No personnel error
  • - 100% detectability
  • - First-class customer recognition
Quality tools
  • - PDP
  • - APQP
  • - Feasibility study per request
  • - Risk assessment
  • - Mitigation plan
  • - FMEA
  • - DOE/RSM/Validation
  • - Supplier
  • - Management
  • - LVM/HVM readiness
  • - Failure analysis
  • - PCN
  • - SPC
  • - Yield improvement
  • - PCSD
  • - Inspection & Test
  • - QRR/KDR
  • - Visual Aids
  • - Reliability
  • - Monitoring
  • - Fault Simulation
  • - Long Term Stability
  • - Customer
  • - rating & rankin
  • - improvement
  • - 8D