Service Module

After years of development, RMT has accumulated a large amount of IC package industry technical reserves, with high-end advanced SoC and SiP packaging customized solutions, and has a complete industry chain service capability from design to mass production and testing.

SiP chip design
  • Bump optimization and chip back-end design

  • Extract system-level simulation chip model

  • Based on system application requirements, provide chip Floorplan and professional design suggestions

  • Evaluate the risk and feasibility of chip implementation at the package level

Advanced material procurement
  • Provide professional procurement advice and services for wafers and advanced materials

Chip manufacturing supply chain services
  • Provide MPW, Full Mask tape-out service

Package manufacture
  • Package substrate design and simulation

  • RDL design and bumping manufacture

  • CP and FT test platform development

  • Large-scale manufacturing and testing

  • High-end and complex core processor design and manufacturing

Board level circuit
  • System level circuit development

  • Schematic and PCB design

  • Board-level and system-level simulation

  • PCB manufacturing, component procurement

Final testing
  • Function test and system joint debugging

  • Test tooling and material procurement

  • Test board, product board, burn-in board development

  • Chip assessment and identification