Production Capability

The company's main business includes integrated circuit packaging project planning, design, simulation, batch processing and manufacturing, chip finished product testing, SiP product design, large-scale manufacturing, etc. At present, the base IC closed test types include fcBGA, WBBGA, fcCSP/fcLGA, QFN, FBGA, TF, PoP, PiP, etc., construction of engineering samples, test engineering and other production lines; Among them, the annual capacity of fcBGA is 800W ~1000W, WBBGA1.0 billion, FcCSP/FcLGA 8,000W-100 million, QFN about 300 million, and Leadframe products about 2 billion per year. Simultaneously provides the test development service, covers FT and SLT business.




Annual Capacity Of High-end Packaging Products


Annual Capacity Of FcBGA


Annual Capacity Of WBBGA


LeadFrame Products