About Us

Rigger Micro Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (referred to as RMT) is a design and manufacturing provider with key advanced packaging technologies and rich experience in project management and delivery.

Based on the concept of "quality-oriented, overcoming difficulties, being brave to innovate, and serving customers", we focus on providing one-stop solutions for advanced packaging and testing of high-end chips. Services cover: application scenario analysis; principle design and simulation; package structure and process design; multi-dimensional modeling and simulation; material/device matching; large-scale manufacturing and testing; customization and delivery cycle management; board-level system solutions.

Especially in the fields of high-end complex SIP and heterogeneous integrated HI, it has become the world's top RISC-V processor; the first TPU of a well-known domestic AI company; the first GPU in China; 25G high-speed Serdes;Many high-end commercial customers, such as the first domestic mass-produced 14nm LPDDR4/4266Mbps SOC and the first domestically-made alternative high-speed analog-digital hybrid SOC, provide packaging and testing solutions and services.

RMT is a national high-tech enterprise, a member of CSIA, International SEMI Association, and maintains a good cooperative relationship with the industry chain. Utilizing research results in cutting-edge fields such as new materials, new structures and new processes, actively participate in the formulation of standards in the packaging field of SDI, CCITA and other associations. Currently, there are 37 related chip packaging and testing structures, processes, materials, and production devices. patent.

RMT has established an ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO45001 certification system, and its manufacturing base is equipped with advanced large-scale packaging and testing process equipment. It provides an FcBGA production line with an annual production capacity of 5 to 6 million units; a WBBGA production line with an annual production capacity of 50 million units; The FcCSP/FcLGA production line has an annual production capacity of 40 million pieces; the frame-type production line has an annual production capacity of 2 billion pieces.

Relying on Suzhou, China, the headquarter of the group has an advanced packaging research institute, R&D center (In Chengdu ,China), advanced packaging engineering technology center (In Wuzhen,China), packaging and testing manufacturing base (In Henan,China), and marketing center (In Shanghai,China) to serve global customers.

The group attaches great importance to social responsibility, introduces global advanced packaging technology into the country, and jointly establishes talent training and training bases with universities such as the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, which has made a contribution to the training of high-end packaging and testing talents for domestic enterprises, leaving Good social reputation.

The group started high-end chip packaging design and simulation in 2011, and in the face of global digital challenges and opportunities, it is committed to becoming a leading one-stop solution provider for advanced high-end chip packaging and testing in China.