Advanced Equipment

Datacon 8800FC QUANTUM advanced

Advanced motion controls, a unique Crystal glass fluxtron concept, and enhanced computing power showcase today's fastest and most cost-effective Flip Chip system.

- UPH up to 9000, including dip weld
- Whole process and output control
- Proven accuracy of 5 m


Dis automatic Dicing Saw

--Standard model of double spindle cutting machine, productivity can be increased by 30 ~ 40%;
--Reduce user cost, reduce the time of origin setting, and improve the processing efficiency;
--Ensure continuous stability and high-quality product processing.


Dis DGP8761 integrates the back grinding to residual stress removal technology to achieve a stable thin processing thickness of less than 25 m.

--Suitable for high-speed grinding and processing;
--Shortening processing time of thin wafers;
--Shortening the production time outside of processing.


--Can save the production cost of film;
--Automatic picking, reducing personnel input cost and improving production efficiency;
--Applicable to QFN, LGA and other products.


The degree of automation is far higher than that of manual dispensing machine, the quality level of the product will be higher, multi-head to achieve high universality for a variety of applications.

--realize continuous action of high-speed coating;
--Rapid JET function coating volume is fully automated;
--Achieving "excellent stability" and "arbitrary coating amount/shape";
--Non-contact applications can be made without damaging the circuit board.

GKG G9 SMT Stencil Printer

Can perfectly meet the 03015,0.25 pich and other fine spacing, high precision, high speed process requirements.

--Suitable for PCB of different colors such as tin plating, copper plating, gold plating, tin-spraying and FPC;

--It can precisely adjust the position and height of PCB with different thickness;

--Special top flattening for soft plate and warping PCB, which can be automatically telescreen through software programming without affecting the tin thickness.

Heller 1913 MK5 SMT Reflow Oven

The method of total hot air backflow is adopted, which has fast heat transfer and high heat compensation efficiency. PCB board will not fall off during transmission. The highest temperature can reach 235℃-245℃ and can withstand 350℃.

--Highest reproducibility can be achieved with the lowest delta Ts;

--Improvements in heating and cooling will reduce nitrogen and power consumption by 40 percent.


The IConn PLUS is the most advanced fully automatic lead bonding device. With its upgraded and enhanced subsystems, it is designed to provide all the capabilities to meet all the forward alignment challenges, suitable for IC encapsulated (COB) CCD modules and some featured semiconductors for internal lead welding.

--High-performance X-Y-Z motion control system;

--Dual-frequency transducers allow two frequencies to be selected for each key;

--The final kink height tightly controlled by the power series advanced cycle;

--1pF automatic bit self-study and optimization.

MPM UP-2000 Screen Printer

MPM UP-2000 is a multi-functional computer-controlled automatic screen printing machine for SMT production. It ACTS as an independent screen printer or an inline SMT machine.

--Provide storage of up to 200 motherboard parameter files;

--Allows production runs with minimal setup time and fast response to changes.


RAPID Pro introduces advanced processing capabilities, real-time monitoring and diagnostics to ensure optimal quality and efficient assembly for high performance, highly reliable semiconductor applications. K&S GEN-S series automatic wire welding machine can realize industry 4.0 communication and meet RoHS requirements.

--Real-time process and performance monitoring;

--Real-time equipment operation monitoring;

--Advanced data analysis and traceability;

--Forecast, maintenance, monitoring and analysis.

Sonix Echo LS

Sonix ECHO LS Non-destructive Ultrasound Scan is a production and laboratory device that increases production, simplifies testing, improves productivity and increases productivity.

--Extensive analysis and detailed failure analysis specially designed for production;

--Sonix probes range in frequency from 10MHz to 300MHz and are designed to be suitable for all types of applications and materials.


It is equipped with powerful manual image measurement software, which can accurately measure the point, line, circle and other elements, and has powerful report output function.

--Granite structure, stable and reliable frame;

--Automatic focusing, automatic lighting, automatic edge finding;

--High definition lens and high resolution CCD to achieve product high definition measurement.

X3000 X-Ray

The best X-ray source and X-ray detector can penetrate the encapsulated product or focus on the hair thickness gold line.

--High-performance image processing and measurement functions;

--Automatic program function, quick analysis;

--Optional 4D computed tomography. Analysis;

Dage4000 Plus

The 4000Plus multipurpose welding strength tester performs shear force tests of up to 500kg, tension tests of up to 100kg, and thrust tests of up to 50kg, covering test applications including new hot draw ball tests and micromaterial tests.

--With a 120mm vertical working envelope, it can satisfy most applications;

--Realize multi-surface testing for complex hybrid packaging and ultra-fast application transformation;

-- Shear height can be set and maintained at micron accuracy.