Mainly high-end chip packaging solutions, provide NRE and to High volume production manufacturing services.

01 . WBBGA
Wire Bond is a type of connect...
02 . fcBGA
FC technology is to flip bonding&nb...
03 . SiP
SiP stands for system-in-package, which ...
04 . fcCSP
FcCSP package adopts core or non-co...
05 . QFN
QFN is a leadless package , which is squ...
06 . CPGA
Ceramic materials are heterogeneous inor...
07 . SOP
SOP, also known as SOIC (SmallOutline In...
08 . QFP
QFP is a four-side pin flat package, it ...

Rigger Micro Technology

Rigger Micro Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. is a solution provider specializing in high-end integrated circuit packaging and testing services, Providing mass production  manufacturing and testing services, as well as related package design, simulation and process development services. 

With the rich projects of high-end complex chip, advanced process and multi-application scenarios chip, RMT has accumulated successful experiences and established advanced packaging research institute. RMT is committed to research and develop on the leading new products, new materials, new structures and new processes. 

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Based on the concept of “ Quality Oriented, Overcoming Difficulties, To be Creative”, RMT can provides the total advanced package solution so as to satisfy the customers’ needs, not only assembly services.

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